cristina rrebull's HEADSHOT

Cristina Rebull, Graduated from the Superior Institute of Art of La Habana, she specialized in the performing arts, though she also took classes in visual arts, music and voice and singing. She has directed a number of plays, as well as worked directing in television, music arrangements, radio and as a music conductor. She has participated in academic and theoretical events in the realms of performing arts, dramaturgy and directing. She has taught acting, directing, history of music and children's theatre workshops in numerous higher education institutions in Cuba, Spain, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Paraguay and the United States. She has acted in over 30 plays, including a rock opera and three musical theatre comedies. She has been a scriptwriter for 10 dramatic series for television, and has also written publicity spots for UNICEF. Author of 10 theatrical plays, two of which have been published and one becoming a finalist of the Virgilio Piñera National Award for Dramaturgy in 2001. Eight of her plays have been performed in stages in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Ecuador and the United States.